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Please take note that kamagong ironwood is really dense, it will sink in water.
Too dense that it may shatter when used on impact training.

Carabao ( Water Buffalo ) Horn Karambit

Carabao ( Water Buffalo ) Horn Karambit

Intricately Handcarved from Waterbuffalo Horns here in the Philippines. Painstakingly polished to a semi gloss finish.
No two Carabao karambits will be exactly the same since no two horns are the same.
Weapon Trainer Specs:
Length: 7 inches to 9 inches ( varies for each on )
Price: $40



Kris Hilted Dagger

Kris Hilted Dagger

Beautifully Handcarved from a single piece of solid wood. Great for Training, Collection & Display.

Weapon Specs:
Total Length: 15 inches
Wood Type: Kamagong
Price: $30 each




Twin Spearhead Daggers

Twin Spearhead Daggers
Hand carved Twin Daggers. Great for collection or for practicing twin dagger techiques.

Weapon Specs:
Total Length: 10 inches & 12 inches
Wood Type: Kamagong
Price: $50 each



Iron Wood Knives

Iron Wood Knives

These Philippine Ebony wooden knives are 12 inches ( 30.5 cm ) in length. They are very ideal for armed and un-armed self-defence training and knife drills in virtually any form of martial arts and is great for your collection as well. They are available in 3 designs, the stiletto design, the jungle knife design and the ever popular Kris design. These wooden knives can also be made using Bahi wood ( Palm wood or Coco wood ).



Stiletto Wooden Knife
Price: US$ 25.00 each

Jungle Wooden Knife
Price: US$ 25.00 each

Kris Wooden Knife
Price: US$ 28.00 each


KarambitThe karambit (also known as kerambit) is an exotic knife found among the cultures of the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. In all of these cultures it served foremost as an agricultural tool then as a weapon. It is said that the shape of the karambit is related to animist beliefs about the power of big cats such as tigers, such that the karambit is in the shape of a tiger claw. In fact, there is also a non-bladed version of the weapon that is made of wood and is clearly shaped like a claw which can be found in Malaysia.

The karambit has a sharply curved, usually double-edged, blade, which, when the karambit is properly held, extends from the bottom of the hand, with the point of the blade facing forward towards your opponent. In Southeast Asia karambits are encountered with different blade lengths and both with and without a retention ring for the index finger on the end of the handle opposite the blade. However, in addition to being held blade facing forward and extending down from the fist it may also be held blade to front extending from the top of the hand.

The short Filipino karambit has found favor in the West with some martial artists because it is believed that the biomechanics of the Filipino Karambit allows for a more powerful cutting/slashing stroke, particularly against an attacker's limbs, even with a short blade. The index finger ring makes it very problematic to disarm and it also allows a greater measure of control as compared to a standard straight knife.

Weapon Specs:
Total Length: inches (cm.)
Handle Length: inches ( cm.)
Weapon Width: inches ( cm.)
Wood Type: Kamagong Iron Wood
Price: $28



Hunting KnifeHunting Knife

Weapon Specs:
Total Length: 13 inches (cm.)
Blade Length: 8 inches ( cm.)
Weapon Width (at widest) : 2.25 inches ( cm.)
Wood Type: Kamagong Iron Wood
Price: $30



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